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Welcome Family Caregivers!

Information Resources Support You While You're Caring for Aging Parents

"Distant" Means Your Elder Doesn't Live With You
How are you feeling today?
 Could be betterOverwhelmed?  Frustrated?  Afraid?  Overworked? 
Parentcare 101 can help!
At Parentcare 101, You'll Find ...
Release the Stress
Use a technique taught by Sister José Hobday, an American Indian teacher from New Mexico:

Take 20 mini-vacations a day

Take regular micro-breaks in your routine to focus on something pleasant for just a few seconds or minutes. When you do, you briefly release your mind, body and spirit from the stress and clear them to continue for the next hour or so with renewed energy.
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Help for You! 
At Parentcare 101, we believe that if you are caring for aging parents, then you need BALANCE in your life. Recent statistics show that for caregivers caring for an elder living with them, 60% of caregivers die before the one for whom they're caring. BALANCE means to take care of you so that you can take care of your elder longer and with more energy.