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Links to Resources That Support You While Caring for Aging Parents

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Resources for Caregivers in the North Carolina Triangle 
Information Gatherers
In my Blog post on "Finding Local Services", I recommend that you first find those organizations and agencies where your parent lives that do the information gathering for you. Gathering contact information about local resources is what these groups do for a living, so they are the experts. Once you've identified these "gatherers", you can return to them each time you have a decision to make. So, in the Triangle, who are these gatherers?
AARP North Carolina
With the 2001 reauthorization of the Older American's Act came a new initiative, the National Family Caregiver Support Law. This program gives primary focus to the caregiver, not the care recipient. Area Agencies on Aging now have the responsibility to plan, provide and coordinate multifaceted systems of support services specifically designed to support caregivers. Each state administers these services through designated areas. The North Carolina Triangle is area "J", hence the name of the Agency. 
In addition to the main website, explore Triangle J's Full Circle of Care created specifically for family caregivers--that's you!
The main AARP Caregiving website is definitely worth a visit, but for Triangle residents, visit the site of the North Carolina Chapter. We are blessed with an active, dynamic group. From the "Prepare to Care" guide and classes to Driving Safety classes and the "Caring for Your Parents" guide, AARP has wonderful resources for parentcare.  
AARP North Carolina State Office 
1511 Sunday Drive 
Suite 312 
Raleigh, NC 27607   866-389- 5650
The Association sponsors Caregiver Education Conferences, facilitated support groups and Caregiving resources. If dementia is a challenge for you and your parent, this is a great place to start. 
Alzheimer's Association Chapter Office
400 Oberlin Rd., Suite 220
Raleigh, NC 27605    1-919-832-3732
The Durham Partnership for Seniors is a group of about 40 professionals from Durham City and County who work with seniors daily. Together they have compiled 115 pages of services, organizations, and literature to help seniors and their caregivers find the right resource at the right time in Durham. The online guide allow you to search for specific services or specific topics. For the paper guide, contact Bob Wallace, program manager for Adult Services and the Family Crisis Unit, Durham County Dept. of Social Services:  919-560-8622,
The main website gets you started; the online "Community Resource Guide" lists the specific resources in Orange County. For more information about the Department's Aging Serivces, call their professional helpline at 919-968-2087. For residents of Orange County many of the services offered are free. 
CareTip! Caregiving organizations, business and services often cross city and county boundaries. If you find a service you like from one of the resources below, they may service your area. Just ask!
The website for this group includes a wealth of information about this agency. It publishes an extensive "Directory of Resources for Older Adults in Wake County" which is available in paper and on-line as the Community Resource Database. Covers everything from professional services, moving a parent to North Caroline and decision checklists.
Local Conferences, Fairs, and Workshops
An annual conference sponsored by local caregiving organizations. Usually takes place in June and brings together an impressive group of vendors and speakers for a full-day of learning and connecting. Their Facebook page is always available. Closer to the conference, a full web site appears for information and registration. Don't miss this one!
Several times a year, the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association offers this full day of sessions on the special concerns of caregivers of dementia patients. One annual event is held at Barton College, Wilson, NC in March.  Check the website for the dates and location of the next conference. Excellent information.
A two-day event held in May. The first day is especially for caregivers; the second day for seniors. Booths are arranged in "neighborhoods" to bring related resources together. One of the largest expos in the country, this is well worth a visit to identify services you might need for your elder. The last confirmed date I have for this expo is May 2011. Let me know if you hear news of something for 2014!
A new addition to the range of resources within the Triangle. Created by a group of dedicated professionals and organizations, Guiding Lights offers referrals to services, seminars, workshops, training, a library--in short, support and information to make your life easier. Most services are free to caregivers. Contact them through their website or call 919-317-2062.
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