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The Care Tips from "Caring for a Distant Parent"

51 Tips for the Common Decisions and Challenges of Family Caregiving

 Life-Long Care Tips
Care Tip #1: Your First Priority Is You
Care Tip #2: Nothing Is Set In Stone
Care Tip #3: Your Situation Is Unique

 While Your Parent Is Healthy
Care Tip #5:  Talking With Your Parent
Care Tip #6:  I Want To Be Independent
Care Tip #7:  Help Your Parent Prevent Falls
Care Tip #8:  Your Parent Behind the Wheel

 When You Don’t Like Your Parent
Care Tip #9: You Don’t Have To Like Your Parent
Care Tip #10: No Guilt Needed--Parents Choose Their Own Lives
Care Tip #11: Unsuccessful Aging  [Preview This Tip!]
Care Tip #12: Write a Love Letter
Care Tip #13: What is Forgiveness and Can You Forgive?

 Gather Information
Care Tip #14: Gather Information and Identify Support
Care Tip #15: The Reality Checklist
Care Tip #16: Find Out Where the Records Are Kept
Care Tip #17: Dementia--It’s Not Always Alzheimer’s  [Preview This Tip!]
Care Tip #18: Your Parent's Contacts: Part of the Care Team
Care Tip #19: Join AARP
Care Tip #20: Know Your Parent’s Wishes: Advance Medical Directives
Care Tip #21: Talk With an Eldercare Attorney
Care Tip #22: Keep a Care Log

 Business Matters
Care Tip #23: Encourage Your Parent To Sign a DURABLE Power of Attorney (POA)
Care Tip #24: Who Pays for Long-Term Care (LTC)?
Care Tip #25: Medicare/Medicaid: The Government’s Health Insurance
Care Tip #26: Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance…or Save for LTC

The Crisis Event

Assistance Around You
Care Tip #27:  Have a Family Conference
Care Tip #28: Use an Eldercare Referral Service
Care Tip #29:  Ask! Lean On Others
Care Tip #30:  Create a Care Team [Preview This Tip!]
Care Tip #31:  Let People Do What They’re Good At
Care Tip #32: A Social Worker to the Rescue
Care Tip #33:  Mail Order Help
Care Tip #34:  Hire a Geriatric Care Manager and/or a Claims Processor
Care Tip #35:  The Pastoral Care Department
Care Tip #36:  Contact Your Parent’s Clergy

 A New Home
Care Tip #37: Should Your Parent Move In With You?
Care Tip #38:  Moving Your Parent Closer To You Is Not Always Best
Care Tip #39:  What Housing Options Are Available?
Care Tip #40:  Evaluating Housing Options
Care Tip #41: Choose a Living Atmosphere That Suits Your Parent
Care Tip #42:  Treasures of a Lifetime, The Family Home

 Long-Term Care Living
Care Tip #43: The LTC Community Is Home Now
Care Tip #44: Stay in Contact--Even If Your Parent Doesn't Know You
Care Tip #45:  Meet and Support the LTC Facility Staff
Care Tip #46:  Make Regular Contact with the LTC Staff
Care Tip #47:  A Two-year-old With Rights
Care Tip #48: To Visit …Or Not? You Have a Choice
Care Tip #49:  Plan Your Visits
Care Tip #50: You Might Not Be There When the End Comes
Care Tip #51:  Consider Hospice

Doing Enough

Appendix 1: Core Organizations to Contact
Appendix 2: Your Personal Library
Appendix 3 : Searching for Information