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What's a Care Tip?
Simply, Care Tips are...
  • A brief discussion of one practical aspect of caregiving.
  • My experience and the experience of caregivers like you.
  • Suggestions from professionals I met along my own caregiving journey.

Care Tips Support You While Caring for Aging Parents

Each Care Tip follows a standard format:

Usually a brief real-life example of the issue to be discussed;
Definitions and descriptions of the decision or challenge;
Questions to ask, suggestions for action, advice from professionals;
Phrases for on-line or library searching;  and
Resources for more reading.
In CARING FOR A DISTANT PARENT, the Care Tips follow the sequence of events that each caregiver and parent faces as the parent declines in health or functioning. There are 51 Care Tips that cover the most common decisions and challenges that you as a family caregiver will manage.
Care Tips...
  • Are only a few pages long. You can read the information quickly and move forward to care.
  • Guide you to more information sources and reading so you can expand your knowledge and caring skills.
  • Are suggestions and guidelines, not substitutes for professional advice.
  • Reassure you that you are not alone as you face each new challenge.
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